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Thoughts, takeaways and wrap up from the AHRI Diversity and Inclusion Conference 2022

By May 1, 2022 July 4th, 2022 No Comments

Whether you participated in the live event in Sydney, or joined virtually, we hope you enjoyed the AHRI Diversity and Inclusion Conference this year as much as we did. 

As a team we were energized and inspired by the work being carried out by some truly amazing individuals including Professor Munjed Al Muderis, the opening keynote speaker. Not only were we captured by his humour and impassioned storytelling, but he highlighted how fine the thread of tolerance can be, and how bigotry, hatred and forgetfulness can once again lead humanity to unspeakable atrocities. The Professor challenged us to reconsider using nationalistic language but rather to see ourselves as proud human beings first. 

The opportunity to learn how different industries and organisations are tackling DEI is by far one of the biggest highlights for us. It was also clear, that we all still have a long way to go in understanding what an inclusive culture actually looks like and it takes constant and consistent effort to embed DEI into an organisation’s DNA, however when championed by those at the top, like the Ford Motor Company there is a path and progression towards excellence. Without this kind of championing leadership driving systemic change is near impossible.

We were also reminded of the importance of the indigenous narrative and the overuse of tokenism of mental health in the workplace, and as Sarah McCann said, “for all of the positive DEI steps we’ve experienced in the last 12 months there are still too many areas for change.” 

From this team of proud human beings, we are so grateful to have met so many of you at the ICC in Sydney and can’t wait to see how we can continue to enhance the DEI space, together.

Lisa, Christine, Rachael, Tahria and Alex

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