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5 Key Actions to Support Your Transgender Employees

By November 3, 2021 October 26th, 2022 No Comments
supporting transgender employees

An estimated 2% of the population identify as transgender or non-binary.  Not everyone who identifies as transgender or non-binary ‘look’ transgender or non-binary, so we can’t make assumptions based on how people look or act.  What we can do as leaders, managers and colleagues is provide a supportive work environment to everyone.  Actions we can take include:

  • Pronouns – providing at least 3 pronoun options (he, she, they) anywhere pronouns are required ; making pronouns automatically a part of everyone’s email signature block; including it as a field in recruitment applications and the HRIS/payroll system
  • Names – Use team members names and pronouns correctly and consistently, including when they’re not present and even if others don’t
  • Bathrooms – providing a gender-neutral bathroom option.  Unless you are doing a new office fitout, this will most likely also be the accessible bathroom.
  • Maintaining confidentiality – just like you don’t have the right to disclose Susan’s miscarriage or Farzad’s depression to other team members, you also don’t have the right to disclose that Jason used to be known as Jess.  If it’s not your news, it’s not your news to share.
  • Employee agency – Let your trans employee know when you have to or want to include other members of your organisation in the conversation, eg. An HR representative, another manager or person they work with, IT staff who will update their details, etc.

For further resources and information, look at ACON’s online training in all things Pride, and Diversity Council of Australia also offers excellent resources for member organisations.

Written by Lisa Stockwell

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