Equally Yours™

Based on question sets and a learning map, this fun and engaging educational training develops knowledge of legislation, encourages reflection and problem solving, and challenges stereotypes and unconscious biases across a broad spectrum of diversity issues.

Content can be customised to suit your organisation’s needs.

It’s time to challenge what we thought was ok…

To empower by learning.

To boost performance.

To engage in challenge and honest conversations.

Spark the change!

To create a more diverse + inclusive workspace.

Challenge unconscious bias.

Challenge stereotypes.

Encourages reflection + problem solving with thought-provoking questions

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Our game-based and team-building e-learning is interactive, engaging and convenient.

Delivered in person or online and facilitated by one of our experienced moderators, training can be customised to suit your focus and is flexible, conducted at a time and a duration that suits you.

Participants receive a Certificate of Completion and a Diversity and Inclusion health check-up three months after completion.

Our diversity and inclusion training empowers your teams by developing new knowledge and skills that will boost your organisation’s diversity and inclusion capability and performance.

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