Equally YoursTM

“A fun and eye-opening experience”

Equally Yours is a game-based diversity and inclusion learning experience. Using a dynamic learning map, our facilitators provoke in-depth conversation to spark the change needed to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Developing Talent is the proud, exclusive licensee of Equally Yours in Australia and New Zealand.

The learning map workshop can be facilitated in-person or over Zoom/Microsoft Teams.
Our expert facilitators work with you and your team through a workshop (with flexibility to go for 2.5 hours to 1 day) covering factual questions on legislation, religious doctrines and definitions of protected characteristics. We partner with you to start the difficult conversations!

Knowing where and how to start towards becoming a more inclusive
workplace is one of the most common issues facing leaders today.

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Online Learning
The fun way to make equalities ours
  • Empowering
  • Fun
  • Engaging
  • Educational
  • Flexible
  • Customised

And most importantly, it provides the opportunity to reflect and move forward.

A customised experience

We work with you to develop a workshop that’s tailored to suit your organisation regardless of whether your diversity and inclusion strategy is taking form or embryonic. The workshop will include:

  • A pre and post-survey to assess change in attitudes and behaviours
  • Your team working their way around the learning map to answer scenario and knowledge-based questions
  • Content that explores themes including unconscious bias, stereotypes and discrimination
  • Points awarded as teams play from 3 to 6+ rounds
  • A detailed report following the workshop including recommendations to assist your ongoing strategy development

Equally Yours is an innovative learning experience, underpinned by playfulness so that participants learn while they have fun!

What are the outcomes?

  • Improved culture and team functionality
  • Empowered staff who can navigate diversity and inclusion with confidence
  • An organisation that understands diversity and inclusion and is meeting legislative requirements
  • Knowledge to inform a more comprehensive Diversity and Inclusion Strategy
  • Greater clarity on roles and responsibilities – for you and your staff.

Some ways that Equally Yours can be used

Executive Leaders

Stimulating conversations can help your leadership team identify where they are now, how that aligns with the organisation’s values and what change looks like towards DEI. Ideal for strategy development.

People Leaders

Building confidence in your people leaders to become more inclusive is where transformation takes action.

Team Workshops

Understanding above the line and below the line behaviours can bring about greater respect and accountability amongst peers/colleagues/team members.

Why every workplace needs Equally YoursTM

Inclusion at work matters to the 62% of Australian workers who were recently surveyed and stated that they had concealed part of their identities from colleagues.


  • Equally Yours brings common and complex workplace scenarios relating to diversity and inclusion to a game-based learning environment or workshop setting.


  • Training cultivates happier, more harmonious workplaces that are also more productive.
  • Active learning provides better learning outcomes thereby providing for a greater return on investment.


  • Corrects behaviours before they lead to discrimination claims and costly legal action.
  • Greater number of participants able to partake from different levels of the organisation due to cost efficiencies.


  • Equally Yours will increase knowledge of diversity and inclusion in a fun interactive way.


  • Training empowers team members by building their confidence in knowing how to act and what to do.


  • Have a greater awareness of diversity and inclusion, increased motivation, knowledge and skills to participate in their teams and workplaces.
  • People learn more effectively via active learning than through information sessions or reading content (via passive learning).

Strong support

43% of workers strongly support their organisation taking action to create a workplace which is diverse and inclusive

Good for business

Workers in inclusive organisational cultures have shown an increase in highly effective team work, innovation and excellent customer/client service

Good for employees

Workplace diversity fosters mutual respect. It provides a sense of belonging, and true connection. It is an opportunity for employees to innovate and grow through diversity of thought.

Empower your people to navigate diversity and inclusion with confidence.

Spark the change to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace

Equally YoursTM has been chosen by globally recognised brands in the U.K and Europe.

dynamic, groundbreaking, challenging, edgy
Build D+I capability, empower by learning, boost performance

“Developing Talent is the exclusive licensee in Australia/NZ of Equally YoursTM by AKD Solutions UK”.

What participants say

I thought it was a great playful way to present a topic many people find difficult to discuss let along relate their own biases too. The information presented wasn't a total surprise (as I've done other diversity training) however the way it was presented and the skill of the facilitator made this training stand out for me. The best things about it was I, and other, felt comfortable speaking about difficult topics openly. This hasn't always been the case in other training sessions.

Government Agency Employee

I loved your board game model, it is a fantastic way to facilitate a very dry topic.

Government Agency Employee

Playing Equally Yours was both a fun and eye-opening experience. I recommend the game for anyone who is in or aspires to be in a leadership position or anyone who cares about the vision and culture of their organisation.

Helen - Law Firm Director

I found Equally Yours to be a highly intuitive and engaging session. I highly recommend it for any organisation who wants to focus on the development of their staff when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

Robyn - HR Manager

Equally Yours is a fun and safe way to get employees to start the conversation about diversity and inclusion.

Janni - HR Manager