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Equally YoursTM

COVID-19 has transformed the way we work and collaborate.  Our game based and team building e-learning is interactive, engaging and convenient.

Delivered via Zoom and facilitated by one of our experienced moderators, training can be customised to suit your focus, and is flexible, conducted at a time and a duration that suits you.

Participants receive a Certificate of Completion and a Diversity and Inclusion health check-up three months after completion.

Our diversity and inclusion training empowers your teams by developing new knowledge and skills that will boost your organisation’s diversity and inclusion capability and performance.

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The fun way to make equalities ours
  • Empower
  • Fun
  • Engaging
  • Educational
  • Flexible
  • Customised

And most importantly, it provides the opportunity to reflect and move forward.

The centrepiece of our training is Equally Yours, a unique, game-based diversity and inclusion learning experience, delivered in a workshop setting and facilitated by experienced facilitators.

Based on question sets and a learning map, this fun and engaging educational training, develops knowledge of legislation, encourages reflection and problem solving, and challenges stereotypes and unconscious biases across a broad spectrum of diversity issues.  Content can be customised to suit your organisation’s needs.

Workshops are flexible in duration (one hour to full day) and in the number of participants (from four to twelve) and are suitable for all team members from front line and entry level to senior management.

All participants receive a Certification of Completion and a Diversity and Inclusion health check up three months after completion.

equally yours consulting board game

Equally YoursTM
delivered exclusively across Australia by Developing Talent

A Division of Alex Correa Executive

Empower your people to navigate diversity and inclusion with confidence.

Spark the change to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace

Equally YoursTM has been chosen by globally recognised brands in the U.K and Europe.

dynamic, groundbreaking, challenging, edgy
Build D+I capability, empower by learning, boost performance

“Developing Talent (a division of Alex Correa Executive) is the exclusive licensee in Australia/NZ of Equally YoursTM by AKD Solutions UK”.