Diversity and Inclusion Advisors

Lisa Stockwell
Bachelor of Business (HRM), Bachelor of Commerce (HRM)

With a wealth of practical knowledge developed during more than 25 years of HR experience in the professional services environment including 10 years as Head of HR, Lisa knows the importance of DEI to enable both leaders and team members to provide the best service to their clients while experiencing true satisfaction at work.

Her passion for neuroleadership and its relationship with DEI and how together these apply in the workplace – particularly in relation to performance development, coaching, leadership and other interpersonal interactions, make Lisa’s facilitation both human and commercial in approach.

She has a reputation for being approachable and empathetic while offering clear and practical advice that achieves the best outcomes for the firm and its team members.

Christine Mudavanhu
Masters in Public Policy

Christine is an established DEI Strategist with over 14 years experience. She uses technology and gamification to create psychologically safe spaces for leaders and teams to have complex conversations regarding diversity and inclusion. Kindness, empathy, human centredness are the fundamentals of what makes a high performing organisation. She is recognised for her strong interpersonal skills, ability to facilitate complex conversations, strategic stakeholder engagement, development and facilitation of inclusion and diversity.

Christine sits on the board of numerous organisations that support migrants and women to realise their full potential. She is an active contributor to a number of multicultural associations, including those that encourage greater participation of women in business.

Rachael Nelson
Bachelor of Social Science, Diploma of HR Management

Rachael is a Human Resources Professional and DEI specialist with over 20 years of Generalist and Recruitment experience She has published works in The Global Recruiter, RCSA Journal and Recruiter International magazines.

The depth of Rachael’s HR experience encompasses all facets of the employee life cycle, strategy and policy development, coaching, culture and organisational design. She is ISO certified in Psychological Safety. Rachael’s depth of experience and focus in the Psychological Safety area provides a unique perspective in the DEI space.

As an experienced facilitator and coach, Rachael’s empathetic yet pragmatic style enables her to cultivate a space where individuals feel safe and supported while also encouraging them to examine alternative perspectives.

Tina Daisley
DiSC accredited | Certified Neuro Change Practitioner

Tina is a seasoned facilitator and organisational development expert with over 20 years of experience in building capabilities and fostering inclusive cultures. Her workshops are known for their engaging and authentic approach, where participants quickly feel comfortable and safe to dive into meaningful conversations.

Tina’s deep interest and understanding of the neuroscience of change ensures that her workshops go beyond surface-level learning, serving as catalysts for real transformation. With a focus on creating environments of belonging and driving employee engagement, Tina helps organisations achieve lasting success.

Her practical expertise and genuine passion make her a trusted partner in navigating complex organisational challenges and driving positive change.

Abang Anade Othow
Masters of Teaching, Bachelor of Arts & Diploma in Business

Abang Anade Othow is a highly experienced educator, teaching for the past 10 years and is a strong advocate, renowned as a national ambassador for education in New South Wales. She has made significant contributions to the refugee and wider community, serving as an ambassador for organizations such as the Red Cross and Oasis Africa.

As a current board member for the asylum seekers centre, national ambassador for the Refugee Council of Australia and a public speaker, she amplifies the voices of those seeking refuge.

Abang is fluent in four languages and has achieved academic milestones such as a Master of Teaching, Bachelor of Arts, a Diploma of Business, and various certificates in media and nursing. Currently authoring her memoir, she continues to pursue further education with a postgraduate qualification.

Alex Correa
Bachelor of Business (HRM)

With a strong foundation in learning and development, Alex understands the importance of creating the right environment in which people can be the best they can be.

Known for her transparent and pragmatic style, Alex is recognised as an industry expert in matters relating to people, talent development and organisational culture.

In 2019, Alex established Developing Talent, a division dedicated to helping organisations and executives create and cultivate inclusive workplaces to boost their productivity, innovation and performance.