Working from home

In this category, you can find articles relating to working from home. Working remotely is not a new concept. There are many companies in specific industries where remote working and flexible working is commonplace and is actively encouraged; however, this trend has increased significantly since the Covid-19 pandemic. The Families in Australia Survey: Towards COVID Normal, showed that among the employees surveyed, 67% were always or primarily working from home or in an out-of-office work environment, compared to 42% pre-COVID.

As COVID restrictions decrease, organizations are battling the right mix of central and remote working arrangements. The old arguments for centralization have now been disproved, and employees have demonstrated high levels of trust and increased productivity while remote working, but managers and leaders are struggling with how best to determine fair and equal preferences for office and home office working.

Managing an inclusive and diverse organization means that managers must consider a vast array of individual circumstances to create a sense of inclusion and not exclusion when it comes to how organisations develop work-from-home policies for their workers including managing start and finish times, balancing work hours, implementing health and safety and more.

The policy decisions and actions made by organizations and leaders alike will impact either positively or negatively on retention, attraction, and their employer brand because undoubtedly working from home arrangements promote good work-life balance.