Parents at work

In this category, you can find articles relating to parents at work. The future of work is finally family-friendly! It is important for all employers to understand that managing a child and a career is challenging — especially if there’s no one at home to help watch the child while the parent is at work.

Many organizations are working towards family-friendly workplaces to help ease the burdens of stress and financial constraints on working parents, for both working mums and working dads. In addition to major steps like setting up a breastfeeding area and offering day-care during working hours, there are plenty of small ways for businesses to employ smaller parent-friendly strategies.

These include offering more flexibility with working hours, and working location, giving autonomy to allow for time for parents to be able to drop and pick their children off at school. Parents need to be able to take ownership of their timekeeping so they have the flexibility to balance their work and family obligations.

Supporting new parents in their work-life is important because having children for the first time is monumental. Reassure them that they’re under no pressure to return to work until they’re ready, don’t leave new parents in the dark around parental leave policies. How is your workplace embracing being family-inclusive?