In this category, you can find articles relating to diversity and inclusion strategies. We look at how diversity and inclusion create better business outcomes, and how going to market to recruit more women/people of color/people with disabilities/older people/LGBTQI+ people isn’t the solution.

We look at creating an environment that is inclusive and diverse by focussing on policies, systems, and most importantly the everyday habits that promote inclusion is how organizations create better business outcomes. We look at why having a clear diversity and inclusion plan is good for business because diversity is not something that is important in attracting employees, it’s also important in attracting clients too.

Having a diverse and inclusive workplace is so much more than providing an environment where diverse employees can feel safe to contribute fully. Inclusion is much more than a ‘feel good’ exercise, we need to be committed to creating working environments that fuel performance because when you create an inclusive and more diverse team, it brings different perspectives, different ideas, and questions.

An organization with a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture is typically more innovative and profitable than its less diverse competitors. A clear inclusion strategy will result in outcomes that have been measured time and time again – everything from revenue and profit, to risk management and employee turnover costs, are better in an inclusive organization.