Building confidence in
a diverse workplace

Train your employees with Equally YoursTM.
A board game that has the power to change the way we all work.

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Why we need to understand diversity
and inclusion (D&I)?

People Feel Connected

This occurs when a diversity of people feel connected to their co-workers, are treated as an insider, and therefore have a sense of belonging.

Opens Opportunities

Inclusion occurs when a diversity of people at work have opportunities to develop their career and progress.

Respected At Work

Inclusion occurs when a diversity of people at work feel valued and respected for who they are.

Inclusion In Workplace

Inclusion at work matters to the 62% of Australian workers who were recently surveyed and stated that they had concealed part of their identities from colleagues.

Crafted Through Game Play for Maximum Interaction with Teams

Delivered in a workshop setting and presented by experienced facilitators.

Based on question sets and a learning map, this fun and engaging educational training develops knowledge of legislation, encourages reflection and problem solving, and challenges stereotypes and unconscious biases across a broad spectrum of diversity issues. Content can be customised to suit your organisation’s needs.

What’s involved in an
Equally YoursTM workshop?

Our workshops are tailored to suit your organisation and to form part of your diversity and inclusion strategy.

  • Pre and post-survey to assess change in attitudes and behaviours
  • Teams work their way around the board answering scenario and knowledge-based questions
  • Content explores themes including unconscious bias, stereotypes and discrimination
  • Points awarded as teams play from 3 to 6+ rounds
  • Detailed report with recommendations that assist strategy development
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Why every workplace needs Equally YoursTM

Inclusion at work matters to the 62% of Australian workers who were recently surveyed and stated that they had concealed part of their identities from colleagues.


  • EQY brings common and complex workplace scenarios relating to diversity and inclusion to a game-based learning environment or workshop setting.


  • Training cultivates happier, more harmonious workplaces that are also more productive.
  • Active learning provides better learning outcomes thereby providing for a greater return on investment.


  • Corrects behaviours before they lead to discrimination claims and costly legal action.
  • Greater number of participants able to partake from different levels of the organisation due to cost efficiencies.


  • EQY increase knowledge of diversity and inclusion in a fun interactive way.


  • Training empowers team members by building their confidence in knowing how to act and what to do.


  • Have a greater awareness of diversity and inclusion, increased motivation, knowledge and skills to participate in their teams and workplaces.
  • People learn more effectively via active learning than through information sessions or reading content (via passive learning).

Strong support

43% of workers strongly support their organisation taking action to create a workplace which is diverse and inclusive

Good for business

Workers in inclusive organisational cultures have shown an increase in highly effective team work, innovation and excellent customer/client service

Good for employees

Workplace diversity fosters mutual respect. It provides a sense of belonging, and true connection. It is an opportunity for employees to innovate and grow through diversity of thought.

How we support you to make diversity
and inclusion a priority.

Step 1

We partner with you

We partner with you every step of the way, and this starts with our in-depth discovery and analysis.

Step 2

Develop a customised program

Our team will develop a program customised to your people and organisation – one that will enable and facilitate key stakeholder support.

Step 3

Help make D&I a priority

Rest assured, we will support you to make diversity and inclusion a priority within your organisation.

Get your game on!

Get in touch today and ask us how you can bring your workplace one step closer to a more diverse and inclusive environment!

  • A greater awareness of D+I
  • Increased knowledge, confidence and motivation to engage
  • Your people are more likely to be invested and innovate
  • Improved culture and team functionality
  • Reduced staff turnover/ increased employee retention
  • Better and more efficient organisational functionality